Gayle Crummer

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Beautiful interiors to work for how you live.  My ultimate measure of success is when you say "I love it!"

International Market Square
275 Market Street #564
Minneapolis, MN 55405

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Allied Member AIA

Why should I hire you as my interior designer?
As an experienced designer, I can save you time, money and provide the form/function and aesthetic look you desire.

Experience: my 20+ years of working experience are the foundation for my proven design process that manages the correct sequence of steps from start to finish.  I am a full-service designer that can provide for all of your design needs.

Save time: from a countless number of product choices including my access to trade-only resources, I provide a manageable selection that not only works for your budget, but also fits your needs and style. Do it once, do it right and it will last!

Save money: I show you how to maximize your budget; that is, what are the priorities that improve the space, what is the correct sequence of selections to ensure coordination, and perhaps most importantly, what not to do.  My design plans prevent costly mistakes and unnecessary purchases.

Form/function: I turn design problems into creative opportunities that make your space work for your lifestyle.  My knowledge of products and technical details gives you confidence in your decisions.

Aesthetics: I provide you with the products or plans that meet and exceed three important objectives; look, price and function. You decide what is best for you, so we reach the desired result of “I love it!”

How do designers charge for services?

It can be confusing because designers charge a number of different ways for their services.  Some examples: 
- Hourly plus commission
- Hourly plus product markup
- Flat fee
- Percentage of the entire job
- Combination including retainer and design fee
Hourly fees can range from $50 to $300.

How do you charge for your services?
If your project calls for any goods or services that can be purchased through me, they are billed at a pre-quoted price (manufacturer’s suggested retail or up to 20% discount off retail, depending on my purchasing power).  This accounts for my design fee, cost of purchasing, and expediting the product.  Further discounting and/or matching prices of outside sources is not possible.
If your project requires consultation only, which does not result in a purchase through me (for example kitchen/bath design, paint/stain color selection, plumbing fixtures, hard surfaces like countertop material, etc.), my fee is $125 per hour.

The value of my pricing structure is not charging an hourly fee on top of purchases made through me.

If my project needs consultation only, how do I control the number of hours?
To make the best use of my time and your dollars, we define a reasonable budget at the beginning.   This provides me with the parameters of what can be done (for example, move walls or plumbing).  The initial phase is an overall design/floor plan.  Typically I spend 5 to 7 hours on a kitchen, and 3 to 5 hours on a bathroom.  From that point, you decide how to use my services to help with selections or deal with contractors. This is how you stay in control of your project. I will provide you with a detailed time record throughout.

How do I get started?
Contact me to schedule a no-charge, no-obligation introductory meeting at my studio.  At that time I can answer any further questions you have and provide complete clarity about how I work.
I look forward to bringing my expertise to your project and partnering with you to find the design that you love, is comfortable for your budget, and brilliantly functional. My goal is to help you to enjoy not only the outcome, but also the process of getting there!