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Master Bathroom:

Challenge: maximize useable space of 90s-era master bath without changing footprint of tub, shower, stool, or vanity

Solution: Expand the shower footprint by removing a half-wall for width, and a new curb for additional depth. Raise the vanity height and add a shelf above the backsplash for additional counter space.

Challenge: Remodel a bathroom to function and feel like a guest powder room.

Solution: Hide the bathtub behind a moveable wall, like a pocket door. This allows for retaining the resale value of having a full bath.



Challenge: Create a spa-type bath for guest use with an outdoor hot tub.

Solution: Add space by removing a linen closet.  Towel storage is now on lower shelf of a freestanding sink cabinet.  Small splash guard wall allows for a walk-in shower and frees space for a dressing area with clothing and towel hooks for guests.



Challenge: Paint a room with a cathedral ceiling without shortening the visual line from wall to ceiling.

Solution:  Balance the contrast between wall and ceiling colors by cutting the wall color with a percentage of white